Our Story

Let me guess. Some days, you’re on the train going to work in the morning and you’re already thinking about your workout in the evening. Other days, you hop out of bed as soon as the alarm rings and can’t wait to lace up your sneakers – at 5 in the morning.

How do we know? Easy.

We’re one of you. Like you, we know how amazing it feels to smash your previous best on a clean and jerk. We know how much you’re suffering as you pull your chin over the bar on the last few reps of Fran.

And like you, we’re always trying to get fitter, faster, stronger – that’s why we founded WINback. Our mission is to look across the world for products that can squeeze even more PRs out of you, whether you CrossFit, powerlift or compete in triathlons. Our logo is the silverback gorilla. Simply put, it is a beast, because isn’t that what we all are training to be?

We stand by every single thing we bring in. If we wouldn’t use it, we don’t expect you too either.

Our Commitment

We are a two man team that takes pride in what we do. From product testing to managing our inventory to fulfilling your orders. We strive to ensure that we exceed your expectations as your experience with us is important. Please do give us feedback @ info@winback.sg on how you feel and how we can do better. We really appreciate your ideas, suggestions and even complaints. We can only grow onwards and upwards. 

Our Name and Logo

The name WINback is inspired by the idea of being an underdog and really puts in the hard work to achieve the “Silverback” status in the troop. To achieve the highest recognition.

The logo of a Silverback gorilla also represents being the leader of the troop and the characteristics of gorilla being strong, agile, fast. Essentially the definition of fitness.