RPM Speed Rope 2.0


$ 80.90

The RPM Speed Rope 2.0 is a must-have equipment for your double-unders or triple-unders. Speed through your workouts like never before!

The rope combines sophisticated technology and beautiful design to reach record-breaking speeds and achieve unparalleled accuracy with every jump.

- Includes a Bare Cable (12' length) and Microfiber Bag. 


  •         Don't jump on concrete, asphalt, or other rough surfaces or the cable will fray. 
  •         Only jump on rubber gym flooring or other similar smooth surfaces and the cable will last. :)
  •         It may sting (a little) when it meets bare skin, so probably best not to jump barefoot... or naked.
  •         Don't use cable as a weapon... seriously.
  •         And of course, "don't double-under angry".

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