Workt Knee Sleeves - 7mm (Pair)

$ 94.00

A thicker version of Workt’s standard Neoprene compression sleeve, the 7mm Knee Sleeve amps up the support for the Oly lifters, power lifters, and Strongman competitors who need it.

Unlike any other knee sleeves, the Workt Knee Sleeves are assembled in USA and made of sport-specific Neoprene and special stitching for improved durability during exercises.

The Workt Knee Sleeve has been revised, refined and repeatedly tested on elite athletes, giving you a more durable, high quality product. 

For a heavy-duty knee sleeve, the Workt 7mm is still surprisingly comfortable and flexible, with five size options to ensure a fit that contours naturally to your movements while maintaining muscle warmth and stimulating blood flow. Whether you’re rehabbing from a knee injury, looking to avoid one, or just seeking to improve your performance by maximizing your base stability on heavier lifts—these durable, American-made knee supports answer the bell.

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