RPM Coated Cables

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$ 14.00

Better durability for beginners and rough surfaces. 12' length. 

The RPM rope is desgined for speed and therefore will always come with the ultra fast original bare cable.  However, all those trip-ups and missed jumps while learning to double under, and jumping on anything but rubber gym flooring will significantly shorten the life of the bare cable.  So for those that would like to add some durability to their set-up, the RPM rope is also compatible with a coated cable.

When swapping out a bare cable for a coated one, simply align the engraved line on the brass ball with the holes on the outside of the head before inserting the cable.

Compatibility Notice: Coated Cable is not compatible with previous generation RPM Ropes. RPM Rope must have a brass ball with a engraved line to be compatible.

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